Thursday, 8 October 2015

If You Are Thinking Of Buying A Camera,

here is a thought, why not buy 16 in one?

 today Light launched the L16 camera, this camera is a collection of 16 cameras in one, all simultaneously shooting an image at multiple focal lengths then fusing the resulting images together for a single image (up to 52 megapixels) which means you have all the data to manipulate the depth of field, exposure, and more after the fact, 

to make the most of the Light L16, it’s all about taking advantage of the post processing that is possible in their proprietary file type that houses the immense amount of data captured with each press of the shutter, so I guess it is akin to Photoshop, if only I knew how to use it, of course for quick manipulations or exports you will also be able to send files like jpgs to your phone or laptop for quick sharing,

how will it fit in your hand? a bit bigger than a large telephone, but it does have a lens equivalent of a 35-150mm true optical zoom, pictured here with the expanded battery pack on, more grip and longer battery life, how will it fit in your pocket? Light L16 is starting their presale today at $1299 for the first month before it bumps back up to full retail at $1699 and no I am not on commision!

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