Saturday, 3 October 2015

If You Go Down To The Beach,

you are sure to see some sand,

which we all take for granted, but it is not until you put some grains under the microscope,

 you can see how different,

 and in some cases how beautiful,

individual grains are,

Gary Greenburg, a research affiliate at the University of Hawaii Institute for Astronomy has been taking pictures of sand since the 1990s and now he's put out a book of sand imagery, 

along with colleagues Carol Kiely, an adjunct professor at Lehigh University, and Kate Clover, a gallery program manager at the Science Museum of Minnesota in St. Paul,

 the book, titled The Secrets of Sand: A Journey into the Amazing Microscopic World of Sand, details the surprisingly complexity of sand and where it comes from, that includes sand from pure white beaches to colourful gem-like sand made up of tiny fragments of garnet and agate, what a fascinating theme for a photographer, travelling to hundreds of different beaches all over the world, and no I am not on commission, but I would like his photographic job!

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