Friday, 2 October 2015

The Beach Was Not An Option Today,

it was raining first thing,

 also I had to go to the bank again, this time to pay my Mastercard bill, so back to TukCom,

 still the good news was that I could treat myself to an ice coffee for when I retuned home,

 by now the rain had stopped so I decided it was time to replace the old flood defences with new higher ones, front door finished,

 on to the back door, the most difficult part was removing all of the old silicon,

 it appears that sometimes new silicone will not stick to old silicon, so it had to be painstakingly removed from the tiles and floor,

all done, I then put a piece of aluminum at the top and siliconed all around the perspex, I hope they are never needed but we have now been flooded 5 times, admittedly since putting these dams for want of a better word in place, it has only been a few inches of water unlike the first time when it was several inches deep and the last time the neighbours on both sides had nearly a foot of water in their homes, all we now have to do is remember to step over rather than fall over them! after my evening meal I chatted with Diana, who today was being measured for her bridal gown, so you can imagine the excitement, then it was feet up to watch some cable television then off to bed.

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