Saturday, 17 October 2015

Day 1,

we are on our way!

to Hong Kong, at the end of Thepprasit Road,

turn right, past the concrete post that always looks as if it will fall over any day now,

then on to the motorway,

and off to the airport we go,

the traffic was light,

and we made the airport in no time at all,

we had to stop by the orchids,

they were just so beautiful,

and so many colours,

and white ones,

but we had more important nothings to do,


so many shops,

to chose from,

Oh the agony of choice!

next a bit of fun by the information board,

Diana got herself mobbed by the fish,

a little more window shopping,

then time for breakfast,

and where else?

Burger King for Diana,

I settled for a coffee and a sandwich,

but Diana was hungry,

and went for the complete meal,

then to the departure lounge,

and wait for our flight to board,

we flew Cathay Pacific,

all settled in, 

then here we go,

in all of the times we have flown we have never seen this before, 

you can view through a camera on the underside of the aeroplane, so above is a video of the take off and landing,

food was served which seemed strange as it was only a 2 hour fight,

chicken and rice,


touch down and parked up,

next a short walk to the train station,

and we were on our way,

Hello Hong Kong!

there was construction work,

everywhere, as building and land reclamation was taking place,

we soon arrived at the hotel, there are complimentary buses form the station to the major hotels, 

we chose the Holiday Inn Golden Mile in Nathan Road,

and nice it was too,

huge television,

and a large room,

perfect bathroom,

and the television showed highlights about local attractions,

so shower and change and we were out,

a quick pose by the side of the hotel,

past the car park,

and nearby shopping centre,

we were looking for a Chinese restaurant,

and this one looked like it would fit the bill,

on the corner of a cross road,

the Spring Deer, but when we walked to the sign it was an ice cream shop, we now know the restaurant is up a staircase on the first floor but did not know that then,

so we carried on walking,

taking in the sights,

and signs along the way,

we walked for a time along the main Nathan Road,

I love neon signs,

but most of these are LEDs,

but still look nice,

we then found this restaurant,

lots of livestock in the window, 

and it was packed, we were shown upstairs where there was more seating, we had the room to ourselves,

looking through the window across the street it seemed like there was an ex-pats bar, I mentioned to Diana it would be nice to have a drink there looking down on the street, but we could not find it after our meal,

the restaurant was nice and bright,

'Cheers!', at this time another couple had come upstairs to eat,

as our food started to arrive,

duck and rice,

beef and onions, 

and some prawns and broccoli,

it does not look much, but is was so filling,

meal over we went out for a wander around,

looking at the signs as we went,

again LED rather than neon,

we wandered around and walked past the restaurant we were in earlier, still having no luck finding the bar opposite it,

we decided on a beer,

and as luck would have it found Delaney's Irish Pub

so downstairs for a pint of the black stuff,

the pub is downstairs and easy to miss, but we found it!

refreshed and back to shopping,

signs aplenty,

no prizes for guessing what this shop sells,

we made our way back to the shopping mall near the hotel,

and up on the first floor we saw them, Alaskan King crabs, live ones, when ever we watch the Deadliest Catch we always say how we would like to eat one but at 11,000 baht each we declined, by now it was late so we crossed the road back to the hotel and we were off to bed.

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