Monday, 5 October 2015

In The UK,

a couple of local councils have got themselves noticed,

the first Liverpool, sort of lost the plot when leaflets about recycling were sent to householders in Liverpool in non-recyclable plastic bags, Green Party leader Tom Crone said it was ironic and 'clearly a bad decision' by the Labour-led council to wrap the leaflet in unnecessary packaging, Labour's Steve Munby defended his council's actions on waste collection,

which was surprising as normally councils when caught out issue the standard reply, 'we did not do it, the job was contracted out!' ops, my bad, I just read this in the article, 'Liverpool City Council said the leaflets had been distributed by a contractor',

moving on, in Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire a bus stop has been closed, nothing to see move on, but it is the placement of the temporary bus stop that has attracted attention, just a few inches from the permanent one,

Sawbridgeworth commuter Keith Rouse said: 'the signs cancel each other out, but are they meant to be helpful or is someone having a laugh?' however, Hertfordshire County Council were unable to say why the temporary bus stop was so close to the closed one, County Hall contractor, Ringway, had been carrying out footway repairs along Cambridge Road and a temporary bus stop was in place to provide a safe stopping point while works were carried out, a Herts County Council spokeswoman said: 'it is unclear whether the temporary stop sign had been moved by a member of public or in error on the council's part or its contractors' part' so who is the guilty party? public, council or contractor? for me I would go with a practical joke!

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