Friday, 2 October 2015

Liverpool Is Famous For Many Things,

but from memory no one has ever mentioned long lost tunnels,

 but they are certainly being mentioned now as excavation of them begun in 2001,

starting in the basement of a home owned by a wealthy philanthropist in the 1700s, a network of tunnels descends into the earth beneath the city of Liverpool, their full extent still undiscovered even after fifteen years of exploration,

so why did tobacco merchant Joseph Williamson known as the Mole of Edge Hill start building them?

known for his charity work, Williamson may have just initiated the project to provide work for the many local men who were unemployed after the Napoleonic wars, various other reasons have been put forward like smuggling, people or goods, but if that were the case why build them with such splendor many with huge vaulted ceilings? another option, he envisioned an underground city, in truth I do not think we will ever know what was in his mind as the scheme progress, but who would have thought that lost tunnels could make Liverpool even more famous?

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