Sunday, 18 October 2015

Just As I Thought,

there would be no more personal transports for a while, 

 along comes the Bolt M-1, looking like a souped up moped from the 1970s/80s, but not with a 2 stroke engine, the Bolt M-1 when it comes into production will have a 33V battery,

 to take it and you up hills and down dales,

 the bike has all of the standard electric bike features, electric motor, rechargeable battery, LED display, etc, but unlike many other electric mopeds in sports mode it can reach 40 mph and gives the bike enough power to be used off road, but if it is distance that you want in economy mode the top speed will fall to 30 mph, but you will gain about 5-10 miles in maximum distance, in Sport Mode, you only get around 20-30 miles on a single charge of the battery, while in Economy Mode, you'll be looking to travel around 35 miles or more, when in production yours for a cool $5,495 and no I am not on commission!

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