Thursday, 1 October 2015

Everything Is Going Well In The Philippines,

Diana has updated her ID card,

 opened a bank account, put a deposit on the reception room and booked a photographer, so all she has to do now is wait and sign for her ATM card when it is delivered and a couple of other things and she will be home, for me I fancied a day on the beach at Jomtien with my new Kindle to read, but it was not be, I had forgotten it was Wednesday, all deckchairs tables and umbrellas were banned from the beach and as I did not fancy sitting on my towel in the sun all day long home I went, but the good news was that I called into Continental,

 this is the branch on Thapphraya Road,

 there is plenty of seating outside,

 and inside as well,

 lots of freshly made bread,

 and a real treat for me, kippers! what a great breakfast,

 I also ordered 6 different sandwiches to take home for the next couple of days, one for breakfast, one for lunch, etc,

 so in the afternoon I went upstairs and started to read from my Kindle and good it was too, but I have to say I have been very disappointed in the selection of books available in the Kindle format, for instance one favourite author of mine is Gary Jennings, I have bought more than a few of his books over the years, but none are available on Kindle in the UK, it seems strange that in this International digital age that some his books are available on Kindle in the USA but when I try to buy them I am told by Amazon and I quote 'your transaction could not be completed as your device is registered in the UK, to continue your purchase go to' all well and good but the title is not available from Amazon UK and many of his books are not available in the USA in any case, there are many other authors whose books I have bought in the past that are just not available on Kindle like Samantha Weinberg or Charles Sale, sad but there it is, anyway I enjoyed reading one of the books that are available to UK based Kindle readers, on to this evening and guess where? Cherry's of course,

 and the sign says it all, 

 a full selection of starters,

 and soup,

 lots of main courses,

and desserts,

 some so tempting,

 my starter,

 Mr, Tony kindly gave me a lift there,

 second starter,

 Mr. Tony was on his main course,

 as was I,

 we followed with a few small desserts,

a coffee for Mr. Tony,

 a latte for myself, the restaurant is located on Third Road opposite what was once the X-Cite disco, the buffet is a very reasonable 399 baht each on Wednesday and Saturday evenings, we made a move for home 

then watched the excellent film Kingsman The Secret Service, great fun indeed, after saying goodbye to Mr. Tony for me I was then off to bed.

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