Saturday, 17 October 2015

Day 3,

We Planned To Spend The Day At Disneyland,

so into the coach and off we went past the container port,

over the bridge,

past more condominiums,

and then here we are at Disneyland,

no selfie sticks, good job we did not bring one,

under the welcome sign,

we took the precaution of taking a goodbye picture as well, in case it was too dark when we left,

Mickey Mouse as we all know him,

one of the first features in the park is this water feature of him, he rises up and goes back down on the water spout of the whale,

a quick pose,

and we are on our way,

past one of the souvenir stalls,

we made our way to the railway station,

the flower bed in front of it a arrangement made to look like Mickey,

the train that goes around the park waiting to leave,

under the bridge,

the sign says it all,

past one of the shops,

and into the square,

we joined the queue to have our picture taken with Mickey, after about 15 minutes Mickey and Minnie walked away, after another 5 minutes of waiting we left the queue, but there were a lot of disappointed fans just left in the lurch, I would have thought a little warning that the actors were taking a break would have been helpful,

into the train station, our train arrives,

all of the seats face towards the inner part of the circle the train will run on, the rear of the station,

all along the track there were items to see,

the train making a gentle curve around the park,

we kept glimpsing rides,

and attractions on our trip round the park,

a couple of pictures of the engine,

when we returned to the main station,

we made our way back downstairs,

to ground level,

and walked along,

main street,

we had not eaten yet,

so a quick snack,

and a few crumbs for the birds,

coke and a sandwich,

went down well,

and there was some left for the sparrows,

with Halloween near Mickey and Minnie have grown some fangs,

the town looks so quaint,

but a lot cleaner than a real Western town of the period,

shops lined both sides of the street,

at the end of the street a band was playing, 

and they were all Filipinos, so a quick Mabuhay and we were all friends,

we walked past the entrance to Tomorrowland,

and made our way to Adventureland,

passing some of the restaurants,

on the way,

this one the Kon-Tiki,

on the island a huge tree house,

surrounded by water,

 so we decided to take a boat,

and have a cruise,

our guide and captain was Ruby,

so off we went,

past elephants,

and other features,

pointed out to us by Ruby,

an abandoned hut looked ominous,

as did some of the waterside animals,

especially the ones that sprayed water at you!

up a gum tree with no place to go,

looks like cannibals are in the area, luckily the poison arrows missed us,

then a underwater earthquake,

the water being thrown high in the air,

then with a roar like thunder a volcano erupted,

with flames blowing and me screaming it was all confusion,

then we entered into the land or I should say river of permanent mist, spooky,

but all was well in the end,

next stop Fantasyland,

Diana amongst the mushrooms and Pixies,

under another bridge,

and we were in Toy Story,

with Woody,

and Jessie,

so lets all get ready,


we continued our walk,

as the train completed another circuit,

as I was taking a picture of a sculpture,

this looks scary dairy,

the Mystery House,

there is a model of it inside,

the house is owned by an old eccentric collector,

full of mysterious finds,

and objects,

so into the Magneto rail-less electric carriage we go,

now here is the thing, the eccentric has a monkey who has been told not to touch a magic box that makes inanimate objects come to life the old man leaves and you guessed it the monkey touches the box,

the organ gets a life of it's own,

as lights and sound fill the room,

calm paintings suddenly metamorphise,

into screeching horrors,

and the Little Shop of Horror plant really does come to life,

then the big freeze takes hold,

in the end like the Sorcerer's Apprentice in Fantasia, the monkey gets it's comeuppance,

then the old collector puts everything back to rights,

now this looks like fun,

just past the blacksmith, 

there is the Big Grizzly Mountain Mine,

and it has a railway, but not just any railway, this one is fast and twisting, so much so that Diana did not stop screaming for most of the ride, worse still I have found out that she has a grip of iron, it took hours before my fingers she was squeezing during the ride returned to normal,

so there was only one thing for it,

go to jail, go directly to jail,

do not pass go, do not collect £200,

as well as the railway and town,

there was a under ground hot thermal spring, that erupted every so often,

we had a look at the Big Grizzly on our walk,

and the steam engine that failed so spectacularly on our ride, well every ride actually, but no more or I will give the game away,

this plant caught my eye, we had seen several of them flowering in the park, but could not get close to take a picture, 

it was a Aloe, that had flowered,

and spectacular it looked too,

by now we had walked back to the river and decided to take a barge to the island,

to visit the tree house,

it was a multi storey construction,

with waterfalls at the base of it,

and walkways,

through the tree tops,

after our visit back onto the raft,

and time for a drink of orange juice, all of this walking give us a thirst,

but unfortunately for this bird no crumbs as we did not eat,

then the parade began,

Mickey Mouse leading the way,

followed by other Disney characters,

many of which I do not know,

but I think this one is Tinkerbell,

one of Buzz Lightyear's helpers,

and as a kid where would we be without plastic soldiers?

actually thinking about it back in the early 1950s when I was a kid they were made out of metal, but there it is,

another of Buzz's helpers helping out,

Woody and Jessie here of course,

another one of Buzz's friends,

then the troops do a sky dive,

a great show that everyone enjoyed,

we continued our walk,

to where the carousel was,

no fairground would be complete without one,

a horse, a horse, my Kingdom for a horse,

there were plenty to chose from,

and Diana chose this one,

all set and off we go,

and of course when you are thinking of Disney you have to remember Dumbo,

flying elephants, why not?

all set for the ride,

we decided on a grey one,

it was a nice view going around, luckily for us not many people here today,

we had to see the 3D show,

it borrowed a little from Fantasia, but was so enjoyable with water and wind effects as well as the 3D,

we continued our walk,

passing another reference to Fantasia,

next stop,
it's a small world,
the title meant small as the whole world was in one building,

we were lucky again, as soon as the group in front of us got into their boat, 

ours came along,

and here it is,


after a few hellos in your own language,

moving sets are arranged,

using some characters from Disney films,

and many using national dress,

of the continent,

or countries,

that you are visiting,

as you sail past,

there is so much colour,

in every set,

although I am not sure which films these next few, 

are from,

the penguins,

some of the pictures are a little dark,

because flash photography is not allowed,

Woody to the round up,

and the Indian rope trick,

Japan next,

and with a tiger it must be Asia,

I wonder which country this is?

and we must not forget under the sea,


Kangaroo, Australia,

Fiji perhaps?

Cook or Easter Islands inhabited by the Rapa Nui,

there were then a few scenes from wedding ceremonies,

from around the world,

a choral goodbye,

written as well, a great candy coated helping of dolls and animals, it was really rather good,

and this was rather good as well,

for us that is, hardly a soul in the queues,

steam powered popcorn,

we then had to help out Buzz,

we both had a laser gun each and had to fire at targets whilst moving in one of Buzz's spaceships, hugely funny,

that was the end for us of Tomorrowland,

the sun was sinking,

so we had another walk up Main Street,

past the balloon seller,

we decided to eat our evening meal here,

a little later on, 

some neat shops, like this one,

selling bits and pieces for that new fangled electricity thing,

we meet the taxi again,

then our last ride of the day, Journey into the Future,

Diana had the car,

the driving was down to me,

you would have thought by now that I knew how to steer, but this thing had a mind of it's own,

it was getting dark,

so we made a move back to the restaurant,

Diana with the world on her shoulders,

Disney Palace,

like the street all lit up,

so in we went,

Diana had ordered a spring chicken, like myself I thought there would be a quarter or maybe half a chicken,

but no,

you get the whole chicken!

now we did have a slight problem, we knew the fireworks started at 8.00 in the evening, what we did not know was that there is an evening parade before that,

so with our food, for myself a steak, the parade begun,

so we took it in turns to dash outside to take a few pictures of the parade,

Tinkerbell I am guessing,

who was accompanied by dancers,

the next float I think was from Monster Inc.

where doors open into cupboards,

the big truck,


the cab is impressive enough,

but the sides of the trailer as well as having a sound system also has a display panel on each side,

Neptune makes his rounds,

followed by dancers,

I am still in the restaurant, my turn to take photographs next,

another character from Toy Story,

this was amazing,

dancers wearing colour changing,

light suits,

Donald waves to the crowd,

Minnie Mouse goes behind,

one of her helpers,

chatting to her fans at the front,

and after Minnie,

comes Mickey,

the parade moved away and with searchlights ablaze,

the fireworks began,

with Disney Palace centre stage,

we were both surprised,

how long the show lasted for,

all of the fireworks,

choreographed to a musical score,

it was a sight to see,

after what seemed an age,

the fireworks just did not stop,

which was fine by us,

we both love firework shows,

then the grand finale, what a show! what a great day out as well,

we made a move back to the coach pick-up point,

passing the Mickey Mouse water feature on the way,

that changed colour every few seconds,

and made a nice backdrop for a picture,


one more then time to go,

the sign was lit up,

so we took a picture of both sides,

as we did this morning,

if you want to see more of our day here is a video of it, I have not edited it, it comes straight from the camera, hope you enjoy it,

we called into Delaney's for a nightcap,

all of that walking and heat gave one a thirst,

then across the road to the hotel as it was time for bed.

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