Wednesday, 7 October 2015

I Have Many Times Wondered About Heraldry,

all of the crests and shields,

that you see on coats of arms, what do all of the figures, supporters, torse and never mind dexter and sinster mean? you may remember in the James Bond 1969 movie On Her Majesty's Secret Service, he had an artistic depiction of helm, mantling, and crest designed for him, well a new book has just appeared that shows modern day coats of arms that companies use, Modern Heraldry: Seals, Stamps, Crests & Shields,

so if you are looking to deicher one of these illustrations have a look here for a listing of what all of the symbols mean, the book shows many heraldic achievements (which is what a coat of arms is actually called) are designed, admittedly the book deals with modern day heraldic achievements, but it was fascinating to look at how famous brands use the designs from years ago, also as an aside a good example of where it is nicer to have an actual book rather than a illustrated Kindle book and no I am not on commision, it was just nice to see so many unknowns explained and how modern day companies still apparently hanker in the past by still using coats of arms.

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