Saturday, 10 October 2015

It Has Rained Most Days,

and today was no exception,

 except that it really came down,

 the water could not get out under the gate fast enough,

 then it rained worse than ever,

 it was not until late in the afternoon that it finally stopped, so I had a look at Diana's stinky cactus,

 another different one had flowered, 

 and quite spectacular it looked too,

 then it was glad rags on,

 we made our way to Central Festival,

 we had decided to treat ourselves to a meal at the Hilton,

 making our way to the restaurant entrance,

and here we are,

 I popped outside where there is another seating area,

 and took a picture of the sunset,

 and one across the bay,

 and looking towards Laem Chabang,

 next a quick look around at the food,

 starting with a selection of seafood,

 and sushi,

 the free flow wine bar,

everyone's favourite, the chocolate fountain,

 but then a new one,

 this one cascading white chocolate,

 I walked past a dessert counter,

 and another,

 to one where you can have custom made doughnuts,

 on to some of the main courses, a huge selection to chose from, 

 along with vegetables, there are also a dozen or so heated dishes on offer,

 there is also a selection of Thai food,

 cold meats and cheeses,

 three types of smoked salmon and tuna tartare,

 Diana's favourite, pizzas,

 a selection of dishes near the carvery,

prawns and scallops, sea bass and tiger prawns, oh the agony of choice!

 on to the free flow wine station,

 I naturally went for some bubbly, expertly poured,

 on to the starters,

 a selection of cold meats and brie cheese, for myself

 rock lobster, chicken, bass wrapped in leaves and some cold meats for Diana,


 a glass of bubbly, it was a shame I did not have any aspirin on me, a photography trick, just add a touch on it to the bubbly and bubbles magically appear on the side of the glass and almost explode from the bottom of it, in any event it still tasted delicious,

 second starter, a selection of tuna and smoked salmon,

 a second 'Cheers!',

 pizza, beef in gravy, baked salmon and wrapped dish for Diana,

 it was great the way that my glass kept filling up,

 next main course, a huge slice of roast beef, pizza and roast potatoes for Diana,

 eyes down and tuck in!

 for myself tiger and steamed prawns,

 look at the size of that!

 one of each please,

 a slice of lamb and one of beef,

 a change to medicinal red wine,

 for Diana sea bass, salmon and a bread stick,

 ice cream to follow, we were just so full, if you want a special night out this is hard to beat, the cost is 1,200 baht each for the Friday night buffet and 1,100 baht each for the free flow wine, you must add 10% service charge and 7% VAT to both prices,

conveniently there are blue and yellow taxis waiting outside for the trip home in style, arriving back home we watched some cable television and then for us we were off to bed.


Anonymous said...

Been a while since I checked in Stan, you're looking good in your slimmer body. Daryle

PattayaStan said...

Dear Daryle, thank you for your kind comment, I was tempted to say the camera does lie! but for the past few years I have a workout 6 days a week for 20 minutes or so in the mornings, nothing too strenuous but I think it helps keep the pounds off, plus cutting out sugar and soft drinks except for plain soda, now at 78 kilos which I feel is just right for me, best regards Stan and Diana.