Saturday, 3 October 2015

I Looked To See If One Of Diana's Cactus Had Flowered,

well the bud I was looking at, 

 had still not yet opened,

 but then I saw another that I had missed before had opened,

 and by the side of the pot there were three more buds,

 so as I had the camera in hand and it had stopped raining I had a look at some of the other plants, the lemons were doing well,

 a couple of the cactus are going to flower soon,

 just a pity that when they do the flowers only last for a day,

there were a couple flowering,

 but not huge flowers,

 but I had a nice surprise as I walked round the corner,

 this one was putting on a nice show,

 the two pots I had planted first were growing well,

 all of these from just two small plants,

 some of them had produced so many side plants,

 that I removed and replanted,

 and now some of them are producing new baby cactus,

 next on to the weekend night market on Thepprasit Road,

 cloudy skies looking towards Jomtien,

 and inland,

other than key rings I as not quite sure what they are, but only 100 baht each,

 I stopped off at the lamp shop to buy a couple of bulbs as one had blown,

 passing the mobile brush seller,

 and I think this is a ice cream seller,

 opposite the bar tonight a stall selling skirts and shoes,

 I made my way past the covered area,

 and this new stall selling fruit slushis,

 a few customers at one of the puppy stalls,

 getting ready to pour more concrete I guess to make the pet area covered,

 I started the walk back up the hill,

 going past the covered stalls,

 there is now a lot more room, for stallholders and shoppers,

 the fried chicken stall,

 that oil is really hot,

 sunset over the market,

 I have seen these on many cars and crash helmets, but I think I will pass on buying one,

 for my evening meal I stopped off at the Punch and Judy,


for my meal tonight cottage pie, after finishing it I made my way home, then feet up some television and I was off to bed.

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