Saturday, 17 October 2015

Day 5,

Our Last Morning In Hong Kong,

we were packed and ready to go, one of the many neat things about the hotel was the telephone that had all of the local information on it that was in the room and also a plug adaptor was thoughtfully provided,

we put our luggage in the left luggage at the hotel and went out for breakfast,

but first a walk to the river front,

past the Peninsula,

with it's very impressive water feature at the front of it,

we made our way to the Hong Kong Museum of Art,

that had a freeze on the outside wall,

I am not sure what it depicts, but there it is,

and a panorama of the view,

a quick pose,

and back we went,

outside the museum,

an artist has position a number of his or her works,

raised grass,

or trees,

or raised grass and trees,

well here is someone that really appreciates the art,

we made our way back to the Peninsula,

where some one was arriving in style,

and then to Delaney's for their 136 HK$ breakfast,

we had the place almost to ourselves,

and what a breakfast!


a mug of tea, that will do nicely,

meal over, 

suitcase picked up and to the airport we go,

a farewell to the high rises,

as we go across the bridge to the airport,

a quick look at the departures board,

and at one of the first,

we had some time to kill,

so into the Disney shop,

and we had to say hello to the Harrods porter,

we then decided to make a move to the check in gate,

so on to the train to gate 63,

up the stairs,

and wait for the flight,

three Cathy Pacific airplanes in one picture,

I zoomed in to take a picture of the pilot making his pre-flight checks,

we went to the departure hall,

and waited for our plane to arrive,

and there it was,

we arrived safe and sound, through immigration and customs, we noticed a new bigger arrivals sign had been installed since our last visit,

our taxi was waiting for us at gate number 4,

then we were on our way home, a nightcap and we were off to bed.

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