Friday, 9 October 2015

Another 'Must Have',

for the selfie stick crowd,

this one aimed more at the video market from consumer drone company DJI, best known for its popular Phantom series of quadcopters, it is the Osmo, it’s a selfie stick albeit a short one, but what it lacks in length, it is just  just six inches tall, it makes up for in specification, the 12-megapixel camera  is mounted on a three-axis gimbal, with a tap of a button it fixes on a point on the horizon, two taps and it fixes on a new point, and three taps turns the camera all the way around for a video selfie, the camera sits on top of a handle containing a battery, and it can attach to your smartphone smartphone, and turn it into a display for camera, as well as stills and video it can also capture video in Ultra-HD 4,

reading through the reviews the controls are simple to use, but although it appears to be suitable for outdoor extreme sports there is no information regarding how well it would cope with hard knocks when say mountain biking and the inevitable happens, the good news is that the battery lasts for about 1 hour of filming,

above is a short video by the company and no I am not on commission, would I like one? well looking at the jumpy videos we have taken from tuk-tuks, the back of our motorbike and baht buses it could only be an improvement, but at $649 although it is invaluable to action sports fans it seems a bit expensive for us for the few videos we make, but if one turned up under the Christmas tree I would be so happy!

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