Monday, 12 October 2015

Good News Or Bad News,

depending of your point of view,

 this will be the last post for this week, as tomorrow we are of on a holiday to Hong Kong, so on to today, the first and only stop to Friendship,

 we had to buy a joint for today,

 we eventually decided,

 on pork with lots of crackling,

 'Cheers!', Diana also cooked a sausage in a blanket and lots of vegetables,

 for dessert Diana chose a Filipino dish for herself,

 and a apple, current and cinnamon crumble for myself with custard,

which I thoroughly enjoyed, we listen to music for the rest of the afternoon and early evening, then some traffic police fly on the wall programs in the evening amongst others, as we are up early tomorrow for our flight we were then off to bed, but if you have time look back in a week or so and the blog will be up to date with our Hong Kong adventures.

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