Friday, 16 September 2016

A Chinese Crocodile Was Seen Basking In The Sun,

on a roadside in the UK!

RSPCA officers scrabbled into action when a member of the public reported seeing a crocodile basking in the sunshine on the A54, near Oakmere Road, Winsord, Cheshire, in the UK, animal welfare charity sent animal collection officer Lauren Bradshaw to report on the capture of the creature when she returned with it to headquarters,

 She explained: 'I thought looking for a green reptile along a grass verge was going to prove almost impossible, but then I noticed something in the distance on a grid by the road side, as I approached, it looked very pale in colour and I thought it must be some kind of lizard - but then as I got nearer, it became clear that it was a crocodile just basking in the sunshine, I’ve never handled a crocodile before so I had to think about the best way to pick it up, I decided to approach from the side, and as I did so that’s when I noticed some red paint inside its mouth, so I reached out to pick it up and just burst out laughing - yes it was a crocodile, but it turns out it was a plastic one!’, and how did we know it was a Chinese crocodile? it had 'Made In China' on it's underside! 'waiter bring me a crocodile soup, and make it snappy!', well I thought it was funny.

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