Thursday, 15 September 2016

Over The Next Few Days,

there will be many people looking through their loose change here in Thailand,

Panun Jewelry, a rare coin shop in Rayong, announced that they are willing to pay THB140,000 in cash (£3,029, or $4,015 at today's rate) to anyone who possess the rare B.E. 2505 one-baht coin, so what makes this coin so rare? this particular one-baht coin was produced as an example lot in 1962, there are about 100 coins like this in existence, they are unique because the crown on one side of the coin points directly at the Yor Yak alphabet above it, after the first lot, about 800 million coins of the same model were produced, but the text above the crown shifted, so the crown points at the blank space between two letters, as you might have guessed I have already looked through our 1 baht coins and no we do not own one! But yesterday someone did find one of these elusive coins and collected the 140,000 baht for it.

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