Monday, 12 September 2016

There Is Lucky,

and then there is very lucky,

 whilst parking his car the 24-year-old drivers car plunged over the edge of the 9th floor at the Littlefield Garage, in Austin, Texas, AFD Battalion Chief Palmer Buck said the driver was pulling into a parking spot at a slow rate of speed when his car would not stop, fate then took a hand as one of the wheels of the 5,000-pound Toyota 4Runner went through the wire guides and flipped it end over end, just by chance the wire stopped the car from falling, 

seconds before, Zachary Cayson and his two friends had just parked in the garage after a 13-hour road trip from Alabama. “I sprinted up the stairwell and I was the first one to get there,” said Cayson who started talking to the driver, who was still buckled in, trying to calm him down. “I introduced myself and we had a quick little chat about what we should do, whether we should stay there and wait for the police and the fire department or we should try to get him out of there.” they decided to extract the driver and not wait for the fire crew,

the driver was thankfully unhurt and the car lowered to the ground later in the afternoon, great thinking by the designer/architect that made the wires so strong.

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