Friday, 23 September 2016

It Rained Pretty Much All Day,

so we stayed indoors,

 but first thing it was give antibiotics to Mariana and put some cream on her eczema, so easy to say, but what a trial to do, so much pain and suffering (mine) to complete, still the kittens were happy all day playing, eating and sleeping, after our evening meal Mariana took up her favourite position on one of the speakers, she finds it so easy to get up,

 but she can never remember how to get down, 

 it seems worth it,

 for a view of the room,

 this is the help please pose,

 Hogue and Cable look on,

a crash landing on the sofa, 

 watched by Hogue,

 the kittens have always ignored the two lights at each end of the sofa, but as soon as one them starts playing with something they all want the same thing

the lamp was no exception, totally ignored, until tonight,

 so over it went,

 as it hit the ground the kittens scattered,

but soon came back to admire their handiwork,  

to take it prisoner,

 or make sure it was dead,

cats eyes! anyway great fun for all of us, 

in the evening we watched a couple of episodes of Lewis

followed by the start of the 4th series of 3rd Rock From The Sun, it was then time to round up the kittens and put them to bed, most evenings when I am doing this I always think of the same video clip,    

herding kittens, well cats but you get my drift, and with that we were off to bed.

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