Sunday, 25 September 2016

As It Was Saturday,

I decided to give the aquarium a water change,

 so roughly 50% of the water out, 

 open the tap to replace it,

 and hey presto done,

 next the kittens pool,

 open the tap in the corner to let it drain,

 the kittens did not understand where the water went,

 at this point as the water drained through the tap it made a strange gurgling sound which had to be investigated,

 and then refill the pool,

 the kittens were enjoying themselves playing with an empty box,

 a game of cat in a box,

 whilst at the market I bought a packet of cat grass, apparently wheat grass is not only good for us but good for kittens too, so I will soak the seeds over night and plant them tomorrow,

 next off to the market to buy some broccoli,

 and on to our evening meal,

 after a starter of garlic bread, we had New Zealand mussels,

 for our main course Thai food for Diana,

 baked salmon for myself,

 Diana cooked the meal indoors, so I did not get to lite the barby, Diana said to make an unhappy face as I did not get covered in smoke and sparks as usual, well this is it,

 Diana as usual was all smiles,

 we used the rose bowl that Nick and Maureen had kindly given us for our table decoration,

 ice cream to follow,

 then some exercise for me, grind the coffee,

 we used the peculator that we had bought in Vietnam for an after meal coffee, 

 good and strong it was too,

for a bit of fun here is a video that Diana took of the cats playing cat in a box, and finishes with me grinding coffee, we spent the rest of the evening listening to music and as the midnight hour approached we were off to bed.

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