Saturday, 24 September 2016

As With Many Projects,

renditions are often made of the completed work,

in this case a building, 

and it is nice to see that the real thing looks better than the renditions, today a new landmark building will open in Tokyo’s Ginza district, three years in the making, the Ginza Palace, it will house Nissan and Sony’s new global flagship showrooms, as well as restaurants and cafes, the Tokyo-based Klein Dytham Architects were tasked with the façade design and overall massing of this new 11-story building, the façade is made from 5315 individual aluminium panels and, in Mark Dytham’s own words, ‘reflect the craftsmanship and quality which is synonymous with Ginza and Japan’, the form of the building itself, known in architecture as the “massing,” was inspired by the curvature of the Wako building directly opposite the street, what an impressive showroom for both companies.

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