Tuesday, 27 September 2016

The Table That Never Sleeps,

wait a second, read that again,

the table that never sleeps, we have in fact featured the work of Bruce Shapiro before, he has transformed the tools that create sculpture into the sculpture itselfusing CNC machines to produce tables that trace beautiful patterns in thin layers of sand,

Shapiro named this kinetic art project Sisyphus, an appropriate title as the metal balls that move through each table’s sand seems to be forever rolling and creating patterns, much like the Greek myth, and as in the myth the table night and day never stops working,

Shapiro has been producing the Sisyphus sculptures for almost 20 years, and has permanent installations of his works in Switzerland, Germany, and Australia,

now here is the great news, he has created a Kickstarter page to begin production on three different types of smaller, domestic tables: an end table, three-foot metal coffee table, and a four-foot hardwood coffee table, would I like one?you bet!

you can read of his other projects here at The Art Of Motion Control, if only we had the money and he shipped to Thailand we would be interested, think of the fun the kittens would have with it! and no I am not on commission, I just thing the tables are immensely entertaining, not knowing what pattern will shape your day in the morning.

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