Monday, 19 September 2016

Sunday Seems To Come Around So Quickly,

I just do not know where the days go,

 on our way out to lunch we noticed that one of the three buds had opened,

 on one of Diana's stinky cactus,

 and as a bonus one next to it had flowered and we had not even seen the bud,

 Mr. Tony had called round to pick us up,

 and in no time we were parked in Soi LK Metro,

 making our way along Soi Diana to The Robin's Nest,

 for their all you can eat 3 course Sunday carvery,

 priced at 299 baht, the soup of the day pea and ham,

 Diana decided the ribs here were so good here on our last visit,

 she would order them again,

 we were joined today by Slim Jim, who along with Mr. Tony and myself went with the carvery,

 followed by ice cream,

 Slim Jim and Mr. Tony all smiles,

 then on to the coffees,

 which we all enjoyed,

especially the latte,

 we said our farewells to Slim Jim, and made our way back home,

 and let the kittens out of their room, for some reason Mariana likes to lay on top of one of the speakers,

and sometimes falls asleep on it, we watched some of Little Britain with Mr. Tony, then thanking him and saying our goodbyes it was feet up, during the morning I made a video of the kittens morning,

and this is it straight out of the camera, and they are as usual taking over the house and having a great time using our new outdoor furniture as a climbing frame, but back to this evening, another couple from The Borgias, and we were then off to bed.

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