Thursday, 22 September 2016

First Thing I Went To The Vets,

Mariana had developed a cough and a touch of eczema,

  the surgery is easy to find, it is in Soi Nern Plub Wan, coming from the Sumkivitt Road go over the railway lines, then after 200 yards or so look out for a sign for Tony's Gym on the right hand side, 

turn into that road it then opens up into a large square with Tony's Gym in the centre of it,

the Nuern Plub Warn Animal Hospital is at the far end of the square, we were soon seen, the doctor examined Mariana and said there was no problem with her lungs but that she had a throat infection, so we were given tablets for her to take after tomorrows breakfast, for her eczema we were given a shampoo and cream, arriving home we showered her, blood, sweat, tears, all mine and she was shampooed,

 the two boys, this is Cable, found it all highly amusing, whilst Mariana sulked Cable decided he wanted his tummy rubbed,

 which he loves, 

 Hogue seeing this also came over for a tummy tickle,

 in the evening it was glad rags on,

and we were off to Momento Beach

 which is a hotel and restaurant,

 Mr. Tony had very kindly picked us up, we had reserved a table yesterday and were soon served with a complimentary starter, 

 naturally a bottle of bubbly,

 the last time we were here we sat outside, but as storms seem to keep moving in this time we sat under cover by the pool,

 for starters Mr. Tony ordered a selection of French cheeses, 

and a selection of cold cuts,

for Diana,

stuffed mussels, 

and for myself,

a seafood salad,


 on to the main courses, Mr. Tony had a break and had left half of his cold cuts for his main course,

 Diana decided on the lasagna,

 Mr. Tony's cold cuts looked so nice, 

I ordered them for my main course,

 another 'Cheers!', 

 we were then given a complimentary drink each,

 which nobody except me liked, so that was a result! Mr. Tony kindly dropped us off home, after thanking him and saying our farewells, 

 it was photo time for Mariana on top of her favourite loud speaker,

 she seems to have forgiven us for the shampooing, 

I am not sure how she will feel after we give her the tablets tomorrow,

then it was feet up for a few more from 3rd Rock From The Sun, great fun, as the midnight hour approached we were then off to bed.

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