Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Thinking Out Of The Box,

we have all heard of the phrase,

well the bicycle manufacturing company VanMoof has a great product, bicycles, but here is the problem, so many were being damaged in transit they were blocking up the Brooklyn store, Taco Carlier, the co-founder of VanMoof, told The Independent: “We came up by the idea because we had lots of damage, especially with shipments in the USA, in the end our whole store in Brooklyn was filled up with refurbished bikes that were damaged on shipments and we had to sell them with a discount", so what to do? well this was where thinking out of the box came into play, well thinking about the box to be more precise, as the boxes are exactly the size of a huge flatscreen television, the company decided to print a television on them, the idea worked so well that in the USA damaged goods were reduced by 70 to 80 per cent, carriers handled the televisions far more carefully than when the boxes were marked as bicycles, what a great idea, but can you imagine how disappointed a thief will be when he steals a huge flatscreen television and finds he has a pedal bicycle instead?

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