Sunday, 18 September 2016

We Have All Heard Of Solar Powered,

bikes, boats, cars and aircraft,

but this is a first for me, a solar powered helicopter, a team of undergraduates at the University of Maryland have developed a four-rotor helicopter equipped with an array of solar panels, the craft took to the air for 9 seconds, which is pretty impressive when you think that the Wright Brothers first flight lasted just 12 seconds, the helicopter lifted more than a foot off of the ground with it's one crew member,

“This project has come a long way in the past six or seven years from human-power to solar-power,” said University of Maryland PhD candidate William Staruk, who assisted with the flight. “So we are breaking barriers of all sorts in aviation with this one airframe, and we are very proud of that work here at the University of Maryland.”

here is the video of the full flight and some preparations of this world's first manned solar helicopter flight, amazing!

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