Tuesday, 27 September 2016

For A Long Time We Have Talked About,

getting the area where we sit on a Saturday night grassed,

 well 3 weeks ago we drove to Seara International, it is a sports shop on the corner of Sumkivitt Road and Chaiyapruk Road, set just back by the traffic lights, although they primarily sell sports and gym equipment, they also supply and fit grassed areas,

from small humble areas such as ours to full sized tennis courts, bowling greens and football pitches,

 as arranged the day began with the grass being unloaded, 

 it is supplied in widths of 1.95 meters,  

 unrolled and measured,

 it was cut to size, 

 and edges trimmed,

 laid dry,

 and then trimmed to size, 

 I was really pleased about this, 

 the small area between the wall and the rail the gate slides on was covered, so it now looks like the gate magically slides on grass and you can no longer see the rusty rail, next step joining tape is applied,

 the glue is poured,

 and spread, 

 joins pressed against the glue,

 and the final inspection and clear up made, the four operatives made it all look so easy, and were totally professional in their work, to say we are delighted is an understatement, we always look forward to our Saturday evenings outside, even more so now with the feel of grass under our feet, well done Seara International!

the kittens are all doing fine and Mariana is responding well to the antibiotics, she is now feeding well and almost looks like she has put on some weight, Cable and Hogue on the other hand never stop eating and to be honest Cable is getting a tad fat as he eats and finishes his bowl quickly then starts on Hogue's food! after our evening meal we watched Pandorum, set in a space ship that has a human cargo on board some of the occupants mutate into cannibals, much to the discomfort of the normal crew, more than a bit predictable, but stunning special effects of the space craft,

we then made a start on another disc from 3rd Rock From The Sun, the fourth series, amongst many things I did not know about the series it is set in the fictional city of Rutherford, Ohio, again so many one liners and great sketches, then as the midnight hour approached we were off to bed.

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