Thursday, 29 September 2016

I Have Heard Of Pink Elephants,

and of red herrings,

 but never orange sheep, until now, in Cumbria Troutbeck farmer Pip Simpson in the previous four years has lost over 300 sheep, due to sheep rustlers, 

 so in an attempt to stop more of his flock from being stolen he has decided to use a nontoxic luminous orange dye to deter would be thieves, 

50-year-old Mr Simpson believes there is a valid logic behind his method, "We're hoping this will deter thieves because if they did get pinched they're bright orange and somebody is going to wonder where they've come from, it's a massive problem is sheep theft, as sad as it is, it's probably someone local who knows the area that's doing it." although I am making light of the problem it is worth remembering that BBC research revealed more than 88,000 farm animals were snatched by thieves in the UK during 2014, at a cost of £6.6m to farmers, hopefully this measure will start those losses to fall.

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