Friday, 9 September 2016

I Have Never Been Into Skateboarding,

I think I just missed the beginnings of it by a few years,

 but here is a version that looks safe and fun, four wheels fixed onto an ordinary wooden pallet have transformed it into a skateboard of sorts that can slide down tram tracks in Bratislava, Slovakia, the rails in the city happen to be just the right width to fit a standard Europallet perfectly, turning the humble warehouse pallet-board into a personal vehicle,

and what a great way of getting around town, while the streetcar systems of many cities runs on wider ‘broad gauge’ tracks, Bratislava is among those with a one-meter width, other cities where the pallet tram hack would work include Antwerp, Basel, Belgrade, Bern, Frankfurt, Helsinki and Zurich,

and this is how you transform the humble pallet into your own personal transport system, is it legal? I do not have a clue, is it fun? it certainly looks so, is it safe? beware of reversible tram tracks! there is a video here.

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