Thursday, 8 September 2016

Diana Decided To Give The Kittens A Shampoo,

which for her was easy,

 she chose Cable who has the nicest temperament,

 all went swimmingly well, then it was my turn with Hogue, who has never forgiven me for putting drops in his eye when he had a case of feline conjunctivitis, which he soon recovered from, but since then he never come near me and hates being picked up, well I did shampoo him, but it was a case of blood sweat and tears, all mine, I must have been doing something a tad wrong, I had to change both my T shirt and shorts as various wounds bled, I kid you not!, not to self next time get in first and shower Cable,

well it was an entertaining afternoon!

 then glad rags on, 

 Mr. Tony called round and we were off to Cherry's,

 as usual a nice selection of salads,

 and starters,

 so many to chose from,

 the sign says it all, 450 baht for the International buffet which is on every Wednesday and Saturday evening,

 a choice of two soups,

 more than a dozen heated dishes,

 plus a carvery and pizza station,

 on to the desserts,

 so many to chose from,

 and seven types of ice cream,

 time for our first course,

 prawns, beetroot and corn salad,

 sushi and fresh salmon for Mr. Tony,

 second starter for myself sushi, salmon and melon wrapped in ham,

 Diana took a picture of her main course,

  moving on to desserts, I choose the creme caramel with lots of liquid, which I soon gave up using a spoon to eat with, so it was slurp away! Cherry's is located on Third Road opposite what was once the E-Cite disco,

we made our way back home passing the new LK Presidential on Third Road, 

after thanking and saying our farewells to Mr. Tony it was feet up for another couple from The Borgias and with that we were off to bed.

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