Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Kittens Eyes!,

well I guess you would call them cats eyes,

 the kittens are always up before myself,  

 so shortly after I get up and feed them at 06.15.

 they take up their sleeping places for the morning,

 which gives me some time,

 to post our blog,

 and complete my daily morning exercises, 

 they all look so cute, but when awake they are a fun handful,

 in the afternoon braving the rainstorms we were out to Tesco Lotus,

 naturally before shopping,

 we had to have a Swensens,

 we were getting low on soda and Diana wanted a small temporary wardrobe, which she decided to make when we returned home,

 they say curiosity killed the cat,

 we our kittens were certainly curious,

 every rustle of a plastic bag had to be investigated,

 and every paw helps,

 soon the wardrobe was taking shape,

 as Cable tried one of the drawers for size,

 all of this was too much for Mariana,

 who took a cat nap,

 not so Hogue,

 who was hungry, 

and Cable who as soon as he sees the camera walks straight towards it,

during the afternoon and evening we made a video of the kittens, towards the end of it they have a new toy which is a tube covered in string with three balls inside of it, great fun as they work out what it is,

after our evening meal we watched Bargain Hunt, several Judge Judy and rounded off the evening with a few episodes of The Borgias, this will be the only post today as we have a taxi booked for 05.00 in the morning, so an extra early start for all of us! and with that we were off to bed.

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