Friday, 23 September 2016

At First Glance,

it looks like some pictures of an old Zeppelin being built,

 and you would be half right,

 as these are new pictures of a Zeppelin like structure,

that has been built atop the Dox Center for Contemporary Art in Prague,

the 138-foot structure (42-meter) will never fly, but will instead be utilised as a public gathering space for readings, performances, and debates about literature, 

the building should accommodate up to 120 seated visitors, the alternative meeting space was designed as part of a collaboration between the centre's founder and director, Leos Valka, and architect Martin Rajnis who won the 2014 Global Award for Sustainable Architecture. “Our aim for the world of contemporary art is to spread and get partially interconnected with the world of literature, a world of pure imagination, a children’s world.” Rajnis recently gave a Creative Mornings talk in Prague titled Embrace the Weird, the airship has officially been named Gulliver, after the fictional protagonist and narrator of Jonathan Swift’s famous Gulliver’s Travels, or to give it its full title as intended, 'Gulliver's Travels into several remote nations of the world', you can see more process photos on Pinterest, Google Photos, and on Facebook, what a neat place to meet.

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