Thursday, 15 September 2016

Whilst Unlocking The Front Gate,

I noticed one of Diana's stinky cactus was flowering,

 the good news is that this one lasts for a few days,

 it gives off the smell of an unpleasant odour, to attract flies and insects, not to eat then like some insectivorous plants but to fertilise the flower,

 and in the pot next door,

three flower buds were appearing, so in a couple of days we should have a few more flowers,

 a quick look at one of the kittens,

 Mariana at the top of the tower, 

 now what shall I think about today?

 it is long way down, 

and of course I had to make a short video of them, Mariana despite being the smallest of the trio always tries to mug one of the bigger kittens,

 then it was glad rags on,

 not that Mariana and Cable paid much attention,

 and we were off to Steak & Co on Soi Lengkee,

 we had the place to ourselves, there has been a few changes since our last visit, the layout of the bar is different,

the kitchen still in the same place at the rear of the seating area,

 so we chose a table for two,

 Diana started with a Caesar salad,

 a lobster bisque soup for myself,

 Diana also decided on a bread roll,

 next a complimentary sorbet,

 after a long break for our middle course,

 we shared a bowl of moules mariniere,

 this was a neat touch, food blenders when blending ice are so noisy, one this close would bring conversation to a standstill, but here they have a soundproof box, OK you can still hear the blender but it makes a huge difference to the noise level and does not stop conversation at all, great idea,

 after another long break, our main courses,

 for Diana a wagyu steak,

 which she said was so tender,

 we also ordered buttered mushrooms and onion rings,


 for myself I ordered the beef Wellington, 

 which was so nice, but be warned it does take 30 minuets to prepare, which was fine by us as we enjoy taking our time over our meals,

 we were way too full for a dessert, so settled with a complimentary liqueur, the Steak & Co one of the few restaurants to offer a complimentary drink I may add, it was without doubt a fabulous meal, as some one once said, 'we will be back!',

a quick pose and after a short walk to Soi Bukaow we were in a red and yellow taxi and home,

where it was feet up for a couple from 3rd Rock From The Sun and as it was late we were then off to bed.

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