Sunday, 11 September 2016

We Had To Send Some Money,

so I popped into the red coloured bank at the front of TukCom,

 but I had forgotten two things, firstly it was a money/Western Union booth and did not offer banking services, secondly I was told that when I go to Big C where the nearest branch was I would need my original passport, the copy I had would not be accepted,

 I was going to stop here to buy some coffees but forgot about it on the way back,

 so I called in home to pick up my passport, then to Big C on the Sumkivitt Road, where I called into the bank and sent the money, as I walked back to the motorbike I realised the cashier had not asked me for my passport or any kind of identification, still in future for any more banking I will take my passport with me just in case,

 arriving home I picked up Diana and we were off, 

 for some of those fish in the small wicker baskets,

 then it was time for our Saturday evening bar-b-q, we had moved our new table and a couple of the chairs outside,

 first a few slices of garlic bread,

 followed by chicken and sweetcorn soup, 

 to go with the mood of the evening we had bought three fat candles,

 which looked so nice as they flickered in the evening,

 smoke and sparks was next on the list, 

 the good news was that the barby was soon lighted and blazing away,

 for our main course, 

 a baked potato and chicken kebabs,


 kebabs cooked to perfection, 

for dessert 3 flavours of ice cream and fresh strawberries, what could be better? we chatted the evening away listening to music, then as the midnight hour approached we were off to bed.

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