Wednesday, 28 September 2016

We Had A Few Things To Do Today,

first a stop at one of the shops opposite the market,

 for a few bits and pieces,

 next a visit to Casa Pascal, we wanted to check out their menu,

 we parked the motorbike at the rear of TukCom,

 I had not seen one of these before, a sporty looking number from the Centaur Stallion stable, this one the Centaur Tracker,

 we were quite early so not a lot of traffic in Pattaya Tai,

 we made our way into Soi Bukaow and into the market,

 frying tonight, well today at the fried banana stall,

 'T' shirts in almost every colour of the rainbow,

 the small aquatic stall that is almost in the centre of the market,

 a riot of colour on this stall selling table decorations,

it is difficult to convey the size of the market,

so here is a 20 second clip taken at the centre of it in the fresh food and fruit section,

 I made my way to the pet section, this stall selling birds and small mammals,

 and this week the plant section was back,

 we stopped off on our way home,

 for an ice tea and coffee,

 the stall at the rear of TukCom,

 the kittens played for some time when we returned, 

 then time for a cat nap,

 for us it was glad rags on and into a grab taxi,

 we were off to Cape Dara,

 we made our way into and past the reception area,

 to the pool,

 and then to the Mellow Bakery Cafe,

 to have a look at the cakes,

 and other fancy bakery on offer,

 there were so many to chose from, 

 including these lovely chocolate dolphins,

 we wandered back out to the pool area looking for somewhere to sit,

 and decided this would do nicely sitting inside,

 so a quick pose, 

 and our afternoon tea arrived,

 and nice it was too,

 we chose the set menu rather than making our own selection, 

and what a selection,

 and of course a bottle of bubbly, 

 which the waiter found a tad difficult to open, 

 but all was well, 

 a view from the top, 

 we were soon onto the desserts, 


 mango, custard and jam all served in a cake case, delicious,

 before making a move for home, 

 a few more pictures,

 for the family album,

 then out through the foyer to our grab taxi and home, if you fancy a afternoon tea here it is 650 baht a set nett including a choice of tea, but all beverages other than the tea are + 10% service and +7% VAT. 

 arriving home the kittens were pleased to see us, this is Cable, one of our two Bengals

 the very cute Mariana who is a F5 as she is called by the breeders, a Savannah,

and looking under the sofa the other Bengal, Hogue,   
we then treated them to another shower of bubbles, they still seem to think the bubbles are not fro them, we will try to entertain them with bubbles again next week, we were still full from our late afternoon tea, so we had a small snack for our evening meal, then settled down to this weeks episode of Victoria, followed by a couple a quiz shows,

plus three from 3rd Rock From The Sun and with that we were off to bed.

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