Wednesday, 21 September 2016

We Had A Few Things To Today,

so out we went,

 a quick look at the stinky cactus flowers that were still doing well,

 then to Momento Beach,

 we wanted to book a table,

 so we called in to see which one to chose for our evening meal tomorrow,

 one of the guests here showing great taste in their choice of motorcycle, a Ducati Diavel.

 opposite the entrance a shop selling garden ornaments,

spot the deliberate mistake in the strawberry row,

 next stop the fishing tackle shop on Thepprasit Road, I wanted to try a new fishing technique, so 90 baht later we were all set for our next trip to the lake,

 after seeing the advertisement on cable television we had been looking forward to this since last week, a trip to The Sweeteners,

 it is a dessert and sweet cafe,

 located on Soi Khao Talo just before the Eastern Grand Hotel which is by the road that runs parallel to the railway tracks and just before them,

 inside all is neat and tidy,

 time for our choices,

 for Diana a banoffee pie,

 with a slight difference,

 for myself,

banana on a stick, both desserts were absolutely delicious, for an afternoon treat this is the place to go,

 if you can park outside, this truck parked so close to a parked motorcycle it was impossible to park a truck, there is parking in the hotel car park next door, negotiate how much you will have to pay, there is no other parking nearby, the truck was there when we arrived and still there when we left, such a shame that thoughtless parking means that many will just not bother to stop and drive by,

 next stop the gym shop at the top of Pattaya Tai, when the technician called round to fit the cable he had forgotten to bring the shackle from the old cable, so we called in and there it was waiting for us, after our evening meal it was play time for the kittens, Mariana looking down on us from one of the speakers,

we watched several Judge Judy's back to back then rounded off the evening with a few from 3rd Rock From The Sun, with that we were off to bed.

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