Tuesday, 20 September 2016

First Thing,

after feeding the kittens,

 I took a few pictures of one of the night flowering cactus that open yesterday evening,

 before the bloom faded this morning,

 and nice it looked too,

the strange looking stinky cactus was still in flower,

 and all three of the buds on another one were now open,

and in just an hour or so after breakfast it was all over for the night flowering cactus as the bloom shrivelled away,

I forgot to mention it but last week whilst using the multi gym upstairs a cable snapped, so a visit to the gym shop at the top of Pattaya Tai to order a new one,

 then a telephone call to say it had arrived and as promised it was fitted this afternoon,

 we then had some shopping to do,

 so first off to Friendship,

 then to the market that was just starting to be set up in the afternoon,

 we parked next to the two revolving bar-b-q fish stalls,

 in the distance some durian for sale,

 freshly roasted bugs anyone?

 cakes and for Diana pizza!

 fresh squid and prawns,

 then time to saddle up,

and make our way home, for our evening meal avocado and prawns, followed by fresh fruit, 

then it was feet up for the final few episodes of The Borgias, what a great series the sets, costumes, actors and plot all so fine, well worth watching if you like period historical dramas,

we rounded the evening off with 3rd. Rock From The Sun, not everyone's cup of tea as far as comedy is concerned, but we love it, after a few episodes we were then off to bed.

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