Friday, 2 June 2017

A Motorway Garden

is one way to describe it,

 constructed in 1970, the Seoul Station overpass connected the eastern and western halves of the South Korean capital for over three decades, closed in 2015, due to safety concerns, the iconic suspended highway was reopened this month, as a pedestrian sky garden,

  in 2012, engineers reported that the 1,024-meter-long structure could only support heavy traffic for three more years, and the city announced that it was going to be demolished by 2015, however, in 2014, Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon, came up with a different plan,

 named Seoullo 7017, the new project is a recognition of the need to preserve historical landmarks, and an attempt to make the city greener and more pedestrian-friendly. to transform it into a pedestrian sky garden accommodating the biggest variety of Korean plant species, Seoullo 7017 features 645 giant concrete pots, some of which are taller than an average-height person, containing 228 species of trees and flowers, it is also designed to be an “urban nursery” for trees, many of which will eventually be transplanted to other areas of the city,

“Located in the heart of Seoul, a true plant village has been realised on a former inner-city highway in an ever-changing urban area,” said MVRDV, the Dutch design studio behind Seoullo 7017, and what a great place for an evening stroll,

 a good idea that could be used in any city in the world, rather than pull down an unwanted unused overpass, why not make it a pedestrian garden?

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