Sunday, 4 June 2017

First The Good News,

the technician from Wattana Computers is going to call round,

 to give my computer a good talking to, now the bad news not until Monday at the earliest, so I will only be making one post a day until the problem has been sorted out, on to Saturday, 40% of the water in the aquarium out,

 and replaced,

 as Diana is back and cooking will now start to take place, off to Friendship, now they have started give tickets to park motorcycles there, where you are charged unless you purchase something, the number of motorcycles using the parking facilities has fallen dramatically, you can see how small the parking area is,

 and it has released a huge are for more cars to park,

 but the motorcycles have to park somewhere, so there is now a row of motorbikes on the pavement outside the store,

 all that space was before full of motorcycles,

 I left Diana to do the food shopping, I walked along a very quiet Pattaya Tai,

 the entrance to Soi Bukaow with just a couple of vehicles in it,

 I was on my way to TukCom, I wanted to by an adaptor that allowed me to put the extra hard drive and Diana's GoPro into one USP port, 199 baht later and I was on my way,

 as I am typing this we are still downloading pictures and videos from it, the GoPro, but Diana had sent me these,

 arriving back from the beach trip,

 Diana and her family had one night in Central Park Tower,

 which they all enjoyed,

 as you can see,

 it has a nice roof top pool, 

 which Diana,

 made full use of! 

 in the evening a treat, the family went to Chef Laudico's Feast

 which I am told was excellent, it is a all you can eat buffet,

 and of course to round off the evening,

drinks by the pool,

 back to our Saturday evening, outside for our usual bar-b-q, garlic bread to start,

 followed chicken and sweetcorn soup,

 then lite the barby,

 and with showers of sparks,

 it was on with the fillets of pork, 

and on to the plate,

 with potatoes, onions and bacon bits, 

and to round the evening off a Magnum, delicious, we spent the evening listening to music and as the midnight hour approached we were off to bed.

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