Thursday, 1 June 2017

Love Them Or Hate Them,

to somebody flashing their eyes at you,

flashing LED eyelashes! Swedish Arduino designer Tien Pham has been getting a lot of attention lately for an unusual tech-inspired beauty product – interactive LED eyelashes that stick to your eyelids with regular eyelash glue, called F.Lashes, these eye-catching accessories come in pink, red, blue, light blue, white, yellow and green, and feature different lighting modes, like follow, where the lights follow the movements of your head, dance mode, where they just blink at short intervals when you move your body, and sparkle, with the LEDs lighting up individually to create a sparkle effect,

F.Lashes attach to your eyes with eyelash glue, and are connected to a tiny battery at the back of the user’s head, with barely visible wires, a switch on the battery lets you turn the lashes on/off, and change the lighting effects,

the bad news is that F.Lashes aren’t commercially available just yet, but Tien Pham says he will be launching a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for them in July, You can sign up for the newsletter on, to be notified when the campaign finally launches, so you can pre-order your own LED eyelashes. No word on the price yet, but the designer said “I am going to keep the price as low as possible because I really just want people to have these.” and no I am not on commission and I really do not see me wearing them either!

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