Thursday, 9 November 2017

A Little Bit Of Street Art,

with a difference,

 the difference being that all of these murals,

 has been created exclusively by girls,

 men are not allowed to join artist, muralist, printmaker, and educator Nina Wright, also known as Girl Mobb, in her group of street artist, each time she was in an all-woman exhibition, the same 5-6 artists were also selected, this lack of female presence prompted Wright to start a mentorship program, an attempt to increase the number of female artists creating street art in the Bay Area of Oakland, CA,

 Wright hosted her first session of Graffiti Camp for Girls in April of this year, the camp was created for young women ages 12-17, and is based on a sliding-scale tuition, participants learn how to properly use aerosol paints, take the requisite safety precautions, and efficiently collaborate, at the end of each session a large-scale mural is planned, designed, and organised by the young women themselves,

You can keep updated about future sessions of Graffiti Camp for Girls on the program’s website, strange how times and attitudes change, I seem to remember that if you wanted a boys or men only club the girls would scream blue murder about equality, so I guess laws and attitudes have changed so you can now have men only golf and drinking clubs as well as girls only graffiti camps.

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