Thursday, 9 November 2017

This Is The First, Only, And Possibly Last,

triangle solo I have ever seen,

except in an advertisement, Stuart Malina was conducting the Florida Orchestra through "In the Hall of the Mountain King" at a Coffee Concert in St. Petersburg, when the unthinkable happened, principle percussionist John Shaw took to the stage and performed an impromptu triangle solo, 

unlike the Geico ad featuring a triangle player taking a solo, where the orchestra was a part of the advertisement production, the Florida Orchestra had no idea what on earth was happening, the players go through the gambit of emotions, shock, horror, disbelief and finally humour! and what did conductor Stuart Malina do? Well he was the only one apart from John in on the act, so he took the opportunity to advertise subscription memberships to the orchestra, who says classical music is boring?

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