Tuesday, 7 November 2017

I Found This,

quite mesmerising,

well it had fish in it, which always attracts my attention, inspired by the pre-film animation devices of the 1800’s, company 4-Mation has created a DIY kit that allows users to produce their very own tabletop animations, unlike historic zoetropes, the kit is built for 3D objects,

 using synchronised strobes and carousel rotation, the machine animates objects placed on its circular base, giving life to ravenous fish, 

or leaping frogs, the kit is available in three models, You can choose from a laser cut plywood frame, a machined walnut frame (as seen in the included videos), and an electronics version which comes with instructions for how to cut your own, the company will present their invention at the December’s Rome Maker Fair, and plans to launch a Kickstarter the same month, You can sign up on their website to be notified of the exact release, what a neat toy, but is it a toy or a scientific model? and no I am not on commission, it is just that I can not stop looking at it!

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