Sunday, 12 November 2017

Saturday Has Come Round Again,

so time for some maintenance,

 40% of the aquarium water out, 

and replaced again,

 meanwhile Diana had cleaned the cats pool and given Hogue a shampoo, who was now hiding in the box,

which left Cable desperately looking for somewhere to hid, but it was not his turn this week,

 I went out to buy the cats food as we did not go to the market on Friday, and got caught in a huge thunderstorm, so I bought a rain cape at the nearest 7-11, another few minutes later I arrived at the market, where it had not rained at all, 

 but it looked like it might,

 I dropped the cats food off at home and picked up Diana, we needed some prawns for this evening,

 at the moment it was 50/50 whither we are going to eat outside or be rained off,

 we made our way past the fresh fish stall,

 and arrived at the prawns and squid stall, whilst Diana was picking ours to be weighed,

 I had a wander around,

 next port of call, pineapples,

 and grapes,

 opposite one of the stalls selling flowers for spirit houses, 

 in the evening we were rained off, no outside bar-b-q tonight,

 I took a couple of pictures of the aquarium, this one without the flash,

 and this one using it,

 first course garlic bread,

 followed by a prawn salad, 

 using a fork to get the last drop from the lime, 

 on to our main course, bar-b-queued prawns and boiled potatoes, 


 and to round off the meal, a magnum, we listened to music for the rest of the evening, then as the midnight hour approached we were off to bed.

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