Monday, 6 November 2017

Keeping To A Japanese Theme,

if You are looking for say,

just the right shade of any colour, this is the shop to come to,

 there are,

 4,200 different pigments to choose from, 

 as well,

 as an unbelievable selection of brushes,

all of this in the new concept store Pigment, an art supply laboratory and store that just opened in Tokyo by company Warehouse TERRADA, the store design was created by architect Kengo Kuma, utilising bamboo and large open spaces to create a sense of unity with the outdoors and spark the imagination of those who enter, in recent years fewer artists have turned to more traditional methods of art making, diminishing the number of successors to these older forms, Pigment aims to provide hard-to-find tools for the preservation of older paintings while also inspiring the latest generation of artists to incorporate these older materials into newer works, in addition to selling brushes, pigments, special glues, and papers (some used in Japanese painting since the Meiji period), the store will also provide workshops by both art professors and manufacturers of the supplies housed in-store, and here is the good news, if you can’t make it to Japan, you can browse Pigment’s large supply of pigments and rare materials on their online store here.

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