Sunday, 26 November 2017

Look At What Is Coming To Croydon,

why Croydon you might ask?

 well although I was born in Woolwich we moved to the outskirts of Croydon when I was 5 years old and spent the next 15 years or so living there, so it was with some interest that I noticed that architecture studio CZWG is preparing to build a 228-metre-high tower in London's Croydon, featuring Matisse-inspired facade patterns, the studio, which is led by architect Piers Gough, will create the 68-storey building as part of a major regeneration project in the south London borough, named One Lansdowne Road, it will occupy a plot at the corner of Lansdowne Road and Wellesley Road, between the East and West Croydon train stations, it was granted planning permission in September 2017 and has now been signed off by London mayor Sadiq Khan, paving the way for construction to start in early 2018, the building will feature a pair of towers, rising up from a shared 45-metre-high podium, the West Tower will top out at 140 metres, while the East Tower will reach 228 metres, making it one of the tallest buildings in the UK, a public viewing gallery set 213 metres up, as well as an elevated restaurant and bar, will offer views over Croydon, 

 designed on behalf of developer Guildhouse Rosepride, it is one of many new buildings proposed in Croydon, as part of the £5.25 billion redevelopment programme, over the next 20 years, the project is expected to deliver 7,300 new homes and 95,000 square metres of commercial space,

the 41-storey West Tower is intended to relate to the height of a new £1.4 billion Westfield shopping centre, which received planning approval last week, in a year or two I will hardly recognise the place if it carries on like this!

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