Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Diana Went Window Shopping,

in the Central Festival,

so I stayed in and decided to play with some more of my infrared pictures, for this I use a converted Lumix DMC GX8 with 12-60mm lens, I had the camera converted to take infrared pictures at Protech Photographic in Uckfield, Sussex, UK. who were more than very helpful, and no I am not on commission, above is a picture as it arrives after converting it from RW2 which the camera uses as it's infrared image, to a TIFF file in Photoshop 5,

I then also using Photoshop 5, use a mask in the NIK Collection, specifically the Silver Efex Pro part of the software, for the picture above I used mask number 023, titled Wet Rocks,

 and this mask 036 Antique, I really like this one as it gives, with no work from me I might add, a nicely vintage and almost mysterious look to the photograph,

  playing with the colours, in the NIK Collection, I use the Viveza part of it, to produce a reverse swap of some of the colours, I should say I do this before using the Silver Efex Pro mask, and use the colour photograph above, to then produce the black and white and vintage looking pictures, 

 and using the same Viveza program can make some of the colours totally wild and unreal,

for this set of pictures, this one out of the camera,

 I went down the coast to Bang Saray, it is a small fishing village, I parked up in the harbour after visiting the temple in the distance, after producing the colour picture, I used it for in this photograph, the 017 Full Spectrum mask,

and again mask 036 Antique,

 a reverse swap of the colours, 

 and for this one I decided on a really wild dramatic look,

again out of the camera, 

 I was so pleased with it the last time I used it, I went with the 017 Full Spectrum mask,

 mask 036 Antique,

 the colour swapped picture,

and totally wild, it really is great fun playing with infrared pictures as literally anything goes as far as how you interpret the colours you use, almost like painting but you already have the image on the canvas, so here is a thought, if you fancy infrared photography you can purchase IR filters to go on your camera, which is a bit fiddly, so here is a better suggestion, albeit a tad more expensive, it would be a good guess that some where in your house there is a camera you no longer use, why not convert it to infrared? it is positively doing no good at all where it is, and having it converted means no fiddling about with screw in filters and cross threading one each time you fit it! anyway if you like these pictures and would like to see more of them we have a dedicated infrared blog here, which is called surprisingly called Stanley's Infrared Pictures! if you want to see previous posts, please click on the 3 small lines at the top left of the page, I normally take pictures in RAW, but you can also use JPEG, here is a run down of how I achieve the results above using JPEGs, 

after our evening meal we watched the evenings edition of The Chase, followed by Jurassic World

next we switched to Netflix for The Dark Tower, quite scary in places, but then I am not a great fan of horror movies, then a lot more down to earth, Dickensian, a couple more from the series and we were off to bed.

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