Thursday, 16 November 2017

As You All Know,

I live in Thailand, 

and have done for a number of years, so by now you would have thought that I could speak Thai fluently well, I am fluent on most of the names of freshwater fish, even discriminating between different species, as opposed to saying, white fish, black fish, silver fish, etc, but going to the next stage of being 100% fluent is a major step I can not over come, try as I might by years ago paying for a Linguaphone course to listen to in the car before making the move out here, to buying books and listening to Thai speakers, so how difficult is it to learn another language? this infographic created by Voxy using information from the Foreign Service Institute shows how difficult it would be for an English speaker to learn a particular language and provides explanations for why Arabic, Japanese, Korean and Chinese are the hardest languages to learn, 

so a really good job I did not retire in one of those countries then!

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