Tuesday, 21 November 2017

I Do Love Japanese Game Shows,

they are so out of the box,

and I have just found a highly entertaining new one, Slippery Stairs, in essence the game is remarkably simple, there is a set of stairs all you have to do is climb them to win the prize, but it is not so easy, all of the contestants are in slippery suits,

and the stairs are well, slippery, covered with ice and are not only lubricated with water poured from the top of the slope, but are also slightly angled, but with a nod to health and safety, crash hats can be worn, the competition starts out looking like a normal, albeit slow race, but quickly escalates into a human demolition derby, at about three minutes in, it begins to resemble bowling, with these guys as the pins, it doesn't matter that you're ahead of the pack when one false move can send you back to the beginning, the trick is to take as many of the participants that you can with you! anyway I found it hilarious, which I guess goes some way to show you my sense of humour!

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