Saturday, 25 November 2017

As Regular As Clockwork,

the bug team called round at 09.30,

 spraying both the inside and outside of the house,

 then a telephone call, the 3BB technician asked if we were in and in 10 minuets or so arrived, I thought it was a quick fix, and I am sure they did too, leaving their truck with the engine running in the street, but it was not to be so, after 15 or so minuets of telephone calling back to base, one of them went out to the truck and arrived with another new modem, then more telephone calls, anyway eventually I found out that they had to recreate my account and start again, so a new user name and password, and we were ready to go,

 I spent some time updating our blog, then off to the weekend night market on Thepprasit Road, one of the many mobile food stalls,

 looking towards Jomtien,

 slight cloud,

 but clearer skies looking inland, 

 one of the ice cream sellers,

 makes a sale,

 false eyelashes seem to be the thing at the moment, shops seem to be selling them everywhere, I remember a few years ago when wearing teeth braces was all the rage,

 opposite the bar this evening I am guessing a credit company is looking for customers,

 again no work seems to have taken lace on the steelworks,

 the fruit stall stocking up,

 I decided to walk through the covered area,

 where the food stalls are,

 guess what we are having tonight,

 also available lots of soups,

 and bar-b-qued prawns,

 more sushi, yummy!

 fish ready to go,

 and for a refreshing drink a fresh coconut,

 there are also lots of tit-bits for sale like these pork scratchings,


 or one of my favourites, mini pineapples,

 then past the pastry stall,

 and into the pet section,

 I think someone has just bought a new puppy, 

 four packs of wet food and one of dry for our cats,

 I made my way to the aquatic stall, where the owner, always smiling said hello,

 this week he had some new stock, guppy's,

 and goldfish,

lots of goldfish,

 and a few terrapins, 

 sunset over the market,

 whilst waiting for Diana, she was shopping in Tesco lotus, this beauty stopped briefly by the bar,

 it suddenly became dark,

 as night fell,

 a quick 'Cheers!',

 and we were on our way home, 

for some sushi, then feet up for this evenings television, 

we decided on a golden olden tonight, made in 1974, The Man with the Golden Gun, great fun, we rounded the evening off with a few antiques quiz show on YouTube and with that we were off to bed.

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